Built over the late 11th and early 12th centuries under the patronage of Suryavarman II, Thommanon is a smaller but stunning Hindu temple found in the Angkor area. Since Thaommanon was built during the same time period at Angkor Wat, and in the same style, it is a great place to get a closer look at the design and colors without the crowds surrounding Angkor Wat. Thommanon is a particularly popular spot for photographers, because the brilliant colors of the aged sandstone reflect beautifully in the light and create amazing contrast for close-up shots.

general sight of the temple thommanon in siam reap, cambodia

Thommanon is a single-tower structure, and to reach the main chamber you’ll need to walk through the gopuram tower and then the mandapan, or antechamber. One of the reasons that Thommanon is preserved so well has to do with the fact that during construction, wood beams weren’t enclosed with stone and then used for structural support, a common method at Angkor in the 12th century. In addition, there was a major restoration completed by historians and archeologists during the 1960s. Therefore, Thommanon is one of the best preserved temples found in all of the Angkor Archeological Park.