Prasat Kravan

There are five major landmarks that are situated along what is known as Angkor’s Little Circuit. The final stop on this circuit before exiting from the park’s Victory Gate is Prasat Kravan. Built in the early 10th century, this Hindu temple was commissioned by Harshavarman I, an unusual patron since he was a nobleman rather than a king. Prasat Kravan boasts five red brick towers, each of which has a door or window through which you can see from either side of the structure.

Prasat kravan

Prasat Kravan looks somewhat uninspiring from the outside but the things to look for when you’re there are the bas-reliefs carved right into the brick. This is the only temple where such carvings can be found, and they primarily depict the Hindu gods Vishnu and Lakshmi.

Bas-relief inside Prasat Kravan

Bas-relief inside Prasat Kravan

Also be sure to look for the occasional brick inscribed with the letters CA, which stand for Conservation Angkor. These marker bricks are the newer ones that were used in 20th century restoration of Prasat Kravan.