Getting Around

Angkor is located about 3,5 miles (km) to the north. Several options are available to get from Siem Reap to Angkor and to move around the Angkor ruins.


Minibuses are available from various hotels and travel agents around Siem Reap. Tour buses feature guided, air-conditioned comfort but also are subject to large crowds and lack of options.


Cars with drivers can be hired for single or multiple days. While all drivers are familiar with the area and happy to suggest good routes, most speak little English and are not actual tour guides. For an extra charge they can also bring you to remote temples such as Banteay Srey.


Motorbikes with drivers can be arranged through almost any guesthouse. Some drivers can speak a bit of English, and can give you information about Angkor and Cambodian life. They can drop you off and pick you up at an agreed time and place. Drivers are required to be licensed and must wear their gray numbered vest while traveling within the Angkor park.


Tuk tuks can be arranged through guesthouses, offering space for one or two travelers. Like the motorbike drivers, they must be licensed, may speak some English, and must wear gray numbered vests while traveling within the park.


Bicycles are a great way of getting to and around Angkor. Bring sun screen, a good hat, lot of water and a scarf to keep the sun off your neck.


For those traveling on a large budget, there are tourist flight around Angkor Wat and the temples outside Angkor Thom. You can also visit remote temples such as Preah Vihear and Preah Khan.