Baphuon Temple

One of the most popular temples in the Angkor Archeological Park is Baphuon, a pyramid structure that is meant to represent Mount Meru. Mount Meru is sacred in Hinduism, giving the temple of Baphuon significant religious and historic importance. This large and grand structure boasts a giant reclining Buddha built into the western wall of the temple, although this is a newer addition that is believed to have been installed during the 16th century.

Baphuon temple

For a unique view of Baphuon, walk up the elevated causeway that leads to the temple, and then look up. You’ll get an unbelievable view of the hundreds of pillars that support the enormous weight of the pyramid temple.

Baphuon temple at Angkor

Although Baphuon is one of the largest and most impressive structures at Angkor, what really makes it so fascinating is the history of the temple. Before Cambodia’s civil war the Baphuon temple was painstakingly taken apart piece-by-piece by a team of archaeologists. Unfortunately, the records depicting how to put it together were destroyed during the Khmer Rouge regime. As a result, there were more than 300,000 pieces that had to be put together, and no instructions to follow. This is why Baphuon is sometimes called the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. Fortanantly after years of exhausting research, this temple has been partially restored.