Bakong Temple

Within the Angkor Archeological Park is a collection of structures known as the Roluos Group. Most of the Rolous Group structures are in ruin, and all of them predate the building of Angkor Wat. Bakong is one of the temples that makes up the Rolous Group, and it was constructed in the ninth century and belonged to the ancient capital of Hariharalaya.

Bakong Prasat temple

The Hindu temple of Bakong is one of the examples of the temple mountain, and it is believed to be the original inspiration for virtually every one of the temple structures found in Angkor. Therefore, Bakong is incredibly important to the development of Cambodian architecture, and it should definitely make its way onto your Siam Reap itinerary.

Bakong is over 13 meters (45 feet) tall, and it is surrounded by a large and impressive wall. The design is a pyramid shape, and there are five terraces to create multiple levels of architecture. Like many temples, Bakong was added to over the years, and some of the upper towers are believed to have been constructed in the 12th century. Look for the moat that surrounds Bakong as well as the impressive lintel carvings on the outer towers.